Palm Coast Animal Control Finds Forever Home for Dog Shot by Owner

The Palm Coast Animal Control Division provides assistance and education to residents for the benefit of their pets. 

On April 2, Animal Control Officer Kasey Hagen received a call from Flagler Count Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) about an animal that had been shot in the head by its owner and was fighting for its life.

Kasey responded to the residence, located in the S-Section of Palm Coast, and was notified by law enforcement that the dog had been transported to the Flagler Animal Hospital for emergency treatment.

When questioned by Kasey, the owner stated that he had shot his dog, Rocky, for exhibiting “aggressive behavior” towards him and his family members. The owner was later arrested by FCSO and charged with Felony Animal Cruelty and Tampering with Evidence.

Kasey left the residence and responded to the Flagler Animal Hospital where he was able to make contact with Rocky. The staff at the Flagler Animal Hospital informed Kasey that Rocky’s injuries were severe and the hospital was not equipped to give Rocky the medical treatment needed to save his life.

Kasey acted quickly and transported Rocky to the Jacksonville Animal Hospital where emergency surgery was performed to repair his snout, jaw, and place a metal pin in his leg. Despite being labeled “aggressive” by his owner, neither Kasey nor the many Veterinary Surgeons and Technicians ever witnessed aggressive behavior.

Once Rocky was out of surgery, the process of placing him with the appropriate foster care began. Lucky for Rocky, his would-be adopter, an employee with the FCSO, was working when the call was initially received. His family was actively seeking to adopt a dog when they saw pictures of Rocky and fell in love.

Kasey walked the family through the animal fostering process and ensured that they were well aware and capable of providing the extensive aftercare Rocky would require. After five weeks of care, the family told Kasey that they wanted to provide Rocky with a forever home and officially adopted him.

“This was a really tragic situation that could have had an even more horrific outcome,” City Manager Denise Bevan said. “Our Animal Control Officers respond to traumatic calls with animals on a routine basis but this one was exceptional. I want commend Kasey Hagan and our entire Animal Control division for the incredible work they did to give Rocky a second chance at life. I also want to thank the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office for their efforts in protecting all Palm Coast residents, even the four-legged ones. On behalf of our entire city staff we want to say ‘Welcome Home Rocky!’”

The Palm Coast Animal Control Division provides assistance and education to residents for the benefit of their pets. Anyone wishing to surrender a pet may do so at the Flagler Humane Society or by calling Palm Coast Animal Control at 386-986-2520. 

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