Be Local Buy Local in Palm Coast! Make an impact on our community by committing to EAT. SHOP. SPEND. as much as possible in Palm Coast.

Be Local Buy Local
Our community receives a portion of three different sales taxes collected when we purchase goods and services in Palm Coast. Half-Cent Sales Tax - goes into the general fund to mitigate the need for property tax increases. Local Option Fuel Tax - supports street improvements including resurfacing, street lights, and sidewalks. Small County Surtax - helps fund capital projects such as renovations and new construction of public facilities. Keep this in mind when you eat at restaurants, shop in stores, and buy your gas in Palm Coast. A portion of the sales tax collected is returned right back into your community.
Amenities are funded
When we shop within our community our City is able to provide more amenities to our residents, local businesses thrive and more jobs are created in Palm Coast. This is able to happen because every time a purchase is made within our City limits, a portion of the sales tax is returned to the City of Palm Coast to fund projects within our community such as parks and trails, the Community Center, resurfacing roadways, streetlight installations, and keeping our property taxes down.