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BaCK 2 SchOoOL BASH!!!
August 7, 2022
Mrs.Mickey Morton
Sunday, 07 August 2022
Sunday, 07 August 2022
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MySDC KIDZz BaCK 2 SChOoOoL BASH!!!! 8/7/2022

Parents & Potential best friends we’d like to apologize for any inconvenience in your daily schedule by the past unintentional misdates & mislead weather conditions for our events!!

PleaSe Come out & JOIN US in making this LAST SUMMER WEEKEND for the KiddZz ONe to REMEMBER!!!!!!
We’ll have On Site Registering for potential Club Members Ages 3-16yrs Old. There will be Food, Music, FIELD DAyyyyyy Games with a splash of REAL FUN!!!
Come One, Come ((((((ALL)))))) Chaperones and Game Attendants are encouraged please.
This invite is to Welcome all Children Ages 3yrs-16yrs old to stay encouraged in all things and to get proactively involve in good things. We applaud our wonderful Parents whom are the Matriarch of such brilliance & fine talent of many things that our children Pursue I’ll have yet to do, while these children take on this School Years Journey once AGAIN!
Please join us Sunday Aug.7th @12pm. Make sure to come out on time so that you may choose & get comfortable with your teammates!!
COME OUT AND LAUGH!!, MEET!!. GREET!!, EAT & WIN!!" Can’t wait to meet you!! ~Mrs.Mickey

For more please contact:
1-352-444-5705 or via. email

Parents before departing this event we are inviting you to sign your children up to consistent activity in both educational & beneficially active productivity in your child/children's day to day one it’s their own age group as we assistance in guiding the growth in their everyday adjustment of their very own Character.